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Natural and vegan lip balm - 100% natural and vegan, in biodegradable aluminum packaging

A rich and pampering paste to prevent dryness in the lips, contains 100% natural ingredients.

Contains a little peppermint essential oil for a pleasant feeling of cooling and relaxation.

Ingredients: cold-pressed jojoba oil, cocoa butter, soy wax, raw organic shea butter, vitamin E, peppermint essential oil 

What's not in it: no vaseline, no animal substances (not even beeswax - I'm vegan!), no artificial scents and colors, artificial scents and colors are not healthy in any case and especially when they sit on the lips and enter our bodies through the mouth._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ 

Instructions for use: Apply to the lips with dry and clean hands. 

* Why isn't the paste in a lipstick container?! Because in order to maintain its stability I will have to increase the amount of wax and it will not be rich and indulgent. Besides, there is no problem applying with dry and clean hands, it is even more sterile than applying the product directly to the lips. In addition, I aspire to reach a completely plastic-free business. 

* Of course also suitable for men, it has no color, it's not makeup - it's an ointment to treat dryness.

* Contains 15 ml of product (14-15 grams) net weight without the box.



Mint lip balm

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