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Drying device for a shaving brush. Suitable for a shaving brush sold in this store.

A brush that hangs upside down dries well and is preserved for a long time,   the glue between the handle and the brush is preserved, also there is no possibility of germs forming as a result of excess moisture. 

There is an option of hanging the device on the wall.


To read comments from men who used shaving soap:

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For details on the shaving brush

For a review by an expert on shaving products and the shaving test, go to:



* The shipment will go out 1-3 days from the moment of the order. delivery options:

* Registered mail - delivery price 15-18 NIS only. Recommended!

* Courier to the house - 30-50 NIS depending on residential area. Expensive without justification (in my opinion)

* Self collection from the booth in Nachalat Binyamin, or from my office in Tel Aviv. You are welcome to come to my office and receive personal attention. If you come to my office with a car and don't want to park, no problem, I'll give you a ride. You can pay by credit even if self-collected.

* You can call to consult and make the order by phone 


I will be happy to help with any questions 

Hila - natural soaps





Available for self-collection and experience whipping at the booth in Nachalat Binyamin  
To coordinate arrival and for any questions: Hila 050-5714701







Device for drying a shaving brush

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