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Turmeric is known to contain antioxidant substances, as well as antibacterial properties and therefore has been used in cosmetic decoctions for hundreds of years. 

Indian inspired soap: Contains a generous amount of turmeric   Geranium essential oil scent. Not painting the shower  nor the body orange


The soap is made using the hot method: at the end of cooking, when the caustic soda is already neutralized, I enrich it with: a lot of turmeric, cold-pressed organic shea butter, cold-pressed organic hemp oil, essential oils and more... 

All the ingredients that are added after cooking will no longer turn into soap and caustic soda will not change them, so their effect is much stronger. The soap is both antiseptic and very rich in moisture, which makes it an excellent body and face soap

The soap is full of foam and rich in moisture - get a warm recommendation from me to try it  - under warranty!

The color will lighten over time. 


You are invited to watch the turmeric soap video from   My YouTube Channel 

The weight of each soap is about 110-120 grams

All the soaps in this store are made from natural ingredients only, vegan and without palm oil
Only cold-pressed oils, butters, essential oils and natural additives



Turmeric soap with geranium scent

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  • סבון כורכום בריח גרניום

    Ingredients: olive oil, organic coconut oil,  turmeric powder, cocoa butter, activated charcoal, coconut cream, raw organic shea butter,  organic hemp oil, essential oil Geranium, caustic soda 

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