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Still maturing, can be purchased now and used after 2/25/23

The soap is handmade, with love and responsibility and contains only ingredients that are friendly to babies and those with sensitive skin according to appropriate doses for their delicate skin, contains a high amount of olive oil, cocoa butter, raw organic shea butter, carrot puree, organic coconut oil, lavender essential oil which is the safest for use on the skin Gentle and sensitive. Coconut cream gives the soap a creamy and delicate texture and is an excellent vegan substitute for regular milk and goat's milk. The soap is endowed with abundant velvety foam.

What is not in it? Chemical substances of all kinds, artificial colors and not even natural colors, synthetic laboratory smells... and more...

All these harmful substances are abundant in normal baby soaps. Suitable not only for those with sensitive skin and babies, suitable for anyone who likes a creamy and delicate soap with a lavender scent.

Watch the organic lavender soap video from my YouTube channel 

The weight of the soap is about 110 grams

The color lightens over time

All the soaps in this store are made from natural ingredients only, vegan and without palm oil
Only cold-pressed oils, butters, essential oils and natural additives

The weight of the soap  110-120 grams



I will be happy to help with any questions 

Hila - natural soaps



Gentle lavender soap, also suitable for those with sensitive skin and babies

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  • Gentle lavender soap

    Ingredients: olive oil, organic coconut oil, raw organic shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut cream, carrot puree, lavender essential oil, caustic soda.

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