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Still maturing, can be purchased now and used after 5.1.23

Coffee peeling soap  - you are invited to join addicted customers. A rich and luxurious creamy texture plus the coffee beans give the soap the ability to regenerate skin cells and leave the skin smooth and pleasant. Get ready to see your skin like you've never seen it before.
The soap is made from cold-pressed natural oils, enriched with cocoa butter and coconut cream.
Although the soap contains a large amount of coffee, it does not smell of coffee, because the smell of coffee in soaps is created by adding an artificial coffee smell (which is not healthy) the soap smells of essential oils_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ : orange, cinnamon, clove, mint and touches of ginger 

Can help treat cellulite (with nutrition, of course). 

Not suitable for children. 

The weight of each soap is about 110 grams


* The shipment will go out 1-3 days from the moment of the order. delivery options:

* Registered mail - shipping price 15-19 NIS only. Recommended!

* Courier to the house - 35 NIS

* Self-collection from the booth in Nachalat Binyamin, or from my store in Tel Aviv. 

* You can call to consult and make the order by phone 


I will be happy to help with any questions 

Hila - natural soaps




Coffee peeling soap to refresh and renew the skin

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  • Coffee peeling soap

    Ingredients: olive oil, organic coconut oil, coconut cream, cocoa powder, clay, poly coffee, coffee, cinnamon, essential oils: peppermint, orange, cinnamon, clove, ginger, caustic soda

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