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Natural and real lavender soap with a pampering creamy texture and plenty of foam, plus oats. Calms the skin, leaves the skin moist and comfortable with a protective layer. also suitable for sensitive skin and children. Multipurpose soap for the body, face, the whole family and even as a shampoo. 

The soap is made using the hot method: at the end of cooking, when the caustic soda is already neutralized, I enrich it with: raw organic shea butter, cold-pressed hemp oil, oats, lavender essential oil high quality and more

The smell of lavender relaxes the skin and mind when bathing. 

All the ingredients that are added after cooking will no longer turn into soap and caustic soda will not change them, so their effect is much stronger. The soap is both antiseptic and very rich in moisture, which makes it an excellent body and face soap, soothing and gentle. 


Contains pure lavender essential oil and is not dyed with synthetic purple dye

Welcome to watchin the videoLavender moisturizing soap 


* The soaps come cut without packing each soap separately, ask me for a price quote for packing each soap separately for a gift 

* Ten soaps weighing 110-120 grams each

* Delivery options: registered, self-collection, or courier.

* Feel free to contact Hila 050-5714701 with any questions



Ten lavender and oatmeal soaps

  • Lavender and Oatmeal Moisturizing Soap

    Ingredients: olive oil, castor oil, organic coconut oil, raw organic shea butter, hemp oil, cocoa butter, coconut cream, oats, distilled water, essential oil: lavender, caustic soda

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