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Ten soaps for general cleaning, all ten come packaged together in paper.

Solid soap for general cleaning, zero waste and 100% natural and vegan. Very effective in cleaning, easy to lather and use, produces rich foam. Also suitable for those with sensitive skin.
Video on how to do dishes with solid soap

*hand wash
*Machine washing - scrape with a pump and add borax and washing soda - according to a recipe known in advance
*Can be dissolved in water and turned into a liquid for general cleaning.

* Dishwasher tablets (according to recipe) 
more and more ...

*Ordinary natural soaps are not suitable for cleaning because they leave a layer of grease on the dishes, washing, etc... The soap is suitable for cleaning - do not use for bathing.

* Why there is no smell: the smell is not essential for cleaning, it is also washed off with water and does not remain on the laundry, for example, an unhealthy artificial smell and a very expensive natural smell. I started from the assumption that you don't want to pay a lot for the smell of a cleaning soap that doesn't stay that way either.

* Weight 100-120 grams

Contains: coconut oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, caustic soda, water

Ten general cleaning soaps

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