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100% olive oil soap without added fragrance made from 100% Israeli olive oil, water, caustic soda and that's it.  

Gentle soap is suitable for everyone, even for those with sensitive skin and babies. These soaps get better with time. You should buy several together, each piece you use will be better than the last.

Made by the hot method - at the end of cooking, the caustic soda is already neutralized and enriched with new olive oil that does not turn into soap, so a protective layer of moisture remains on the skin.

10 soaps weighing about 90 grams 

 Advantages of 100% olive oil soap: * mild * softens the skin * simple and authentic * does not contain odors - suitable for those with very sensitive skin and babies and those who do not tolerate odors * cheap * also suitable for those who do not like soaps at all.

Disadvantages of 100% olive oil soap: * It hardly foams * Not strong in the shower - because it does not contain hard butters and other natural substances that will harden it. Hard. (I would not recommend it to owners of garages for the sake of the example) The problem of strength can be solved by placing it on a soap dish with holes, which means that any other soap you take will be much more stable in the shower with a texture more like that of regular soap


What is olive oil soap really? Who is it suitable for and who is not? From my YouTube channel 


* The soaps come cut without packaging each soap separately, ask me for a price quote for packaging each soap separately as a gift

* Delivery options: registered, self-collection, or courier.

* Feel free to contact Hila 050-5714701 with any questions


Ten olive oil soaps

  • Olive oil soap

    Ingredients: Israeli olive oil, distilled water, caustic soda.

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