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Beard oil contains exotic oils of a very high quality level, light oils that are well absorbed without leaving the hair greasy, which nourish the hair, maintain its vitality, and protect it from environmental hazards. Each oil has its unique contribution and together a synergy of fine, nutritious natural materials. In addition to softening the beard, the oil is a face serum to protect against dryness and shaving damage and to nourish .

Instructions for use drip a few drops on a clean palm and spread. 


Quantity 30 ml 


Beard oil

  • Beard oil


    Cold pressed pomegranate seed oil

    Cold-pressed organic argan oil

    Cold-pressed olive oil

    Cold pressed rose hip oil

    Cold pressed organic hemp oil 

    Cold pressed castor oil

    Cold pressed jojoba oil 

    Vitamin E oil 

    Essential oils of your choice or unscented in case of sensitive skin, choose unscented or lavender

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