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Aloe vera shampoo ten units. 

The shampoo contains a large amount of fresh aloe vera gel from the plant of the medical variety (Alo Barbadensis Miller)

The aloe vera gel together with the oils softens and nourishes the hair 

The shampoo may even help restore and treat hair and scalp problems 

Contains cold-pressed oils and butters: olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, almond oil, jojoba oil 

A very pleasant scent of: mint, lime and lavender. 

 weight of each unit about 110 grams



* Buyers of solid shampoo for the first time are not recommended to purchase a large amount, it is recommended to try theEvaluation of experienceBefore.


* for readingCommentsFrom customers who use solid shampoo


* All oils are cold pressed!!!! The peak, the hemp and coconut also organic !!! 


in the videoNext I demonstrate how I wash my head with solid shampoo 



*** For those who buy the shampoo for the first time: pay attention when switching from a shampoo with chemicals to a 100 percent natural shampoo, you may have to go through an adjustment period in which  the hair will feel very strange to you. Those who purchase the shampoo receive an explanatory page on the subject. Keep in mind that this may happen!!! If you get desperate, use it as a normal soap  which will pamper your skin very much. 



* Ten soaps weighing 110-120 grams each

* There is a sufficient amount in stock !!!  You are welcome to order and I will send you soon

* Delivery options: registered, self-collection, or courier.

* Feel free to contact Hila 050-5714701 with any questions



Aloe vera shampoo ten units

  • Coconut milk shampoo with geranium scent

    Ingredients: olive oil, castor oil, organic coconut oil, almond oil, colloidal oats, raw organic shea butter, cocoa butter, homemade coconut milk, jojoba oil, geranium essential oil,_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Caustic Soda

    * Cold-pressed oils and butters. 

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