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Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers are a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to scented candles or a reed diffuser as they last a lifetime and can be reused indefinitely. Standard store-bought air fresheners and candles contain various chemicals and are scented with artificial fragrance. So not only are you breathing in potentially unsafe chemicals, but you miss out on the aromatherapy benefits.

Using pure and plant-based essential oils is a simple way to stimulate mind, body, and soul.

Our essential oils are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free and an excellent choice for gift baskets.

You can mix & combine essential oil blends by yourself.

To use an oil diffuser fill the bowl at the top of it with water and place a few drops of essential oils on the water, then place a lighted tea light underneath the bowl, this will cause the water and oil mix to vaporise / evaporate causing the aromas to fill the room. Enjoy the aroma and any health benefits that come with it!

Dosage: 6 drops per 3x3 space. If necessary add more.

Essential Oil Diffuser Size: Height: 8 cm Width: 7 cm

Handmade Essential Oil Diffuser (Ceramic)

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