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Shampoo full of rich and pampering foam that comes from nature, with a pleasant floral scent of geranium or lavender essential oil
The shampoo is made with the hot method and at the end of cooking is enriched with oils and butters that do not turn into soap, together with coconut milk (self-prepared), with regular use it softens the hair and leaves a protective layer on it, therefore Having dry / curly hair 

If this is your first purchase of solid shampoo and you are wondering which type to take 

You can order theThe experience kit

To read comments from customers who use solid shampoo
What do you do with hair conditioner?!
In the following video I demonstrate how I wash my head with solid shampoo:

*** For those who buy the shampoo for the first time: pay attention when switching from a shampoo with chemicals to a 100% natural shampoo, you may have to go through an adjustment period where the hair will feel very strange when washing. Whoever buys the shampoo gets itExplanatory page on the subject. Keep in mind that this may happen!!! If you get desperate, use it as a normal soap that will pamper your skin very much.

Coconut milk shampoo

  • Coconut milk shampoo with geranium scent

    Ingredients: olive oil, castor oil, organic coconut oil, almond oil, colloidal oats, raw organic shea butter, cocoa butter, homemade coconut milk, jojoba oil, geranium or lavender essential oil,_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_caustic soda

    * Cold-pressed oils and butters. 


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