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Coffee molasses shampoo with a 100% natural lemongrass scent

The shampoo contains cold-pressed oils and butters that contribute to a rich lather and leave the hair clean, non-greasy and yet soft and pleasant to the touch after shampooing - after use, stop using hair conditioner. Nourishes the hair with excellent natural ingredients. Contains lemon essential oil = pure lemon grass. Made from cold-pressed oils and butters only. Contains oils and other expensive substances without compromising on their quality and quantity.

The shampoo is especially liked by those with dry / curly hair, in most cases.

If this is your first purchase of a solid shampoo and you are wondering which type to take, you can order theThe experience kit.

To read comments from customers who use solid shampoo
What do you do with hair conditioner?!
In the next video I demonstrate how I wash my head with solid shampoo 

Molasses - Molasses (honey) is an excellent vegan alternative to honey. A product left over from the sugar cane refining process, which actually contains the nutrients found in sugar, such as: minerals, proteins and organic acids. Molasses is used as a moisturizing and nourishing mask for the hair, the nutrients in the molasses nourish and strengthen the hair,
Coffee - helps in hair growth, strengthens hair, gives hair shine

*** For those who buy the shampoo for the first time: pay attention when switching from a shampoo with chemicals to a 100% natural shampoo, you may have to go through an adjustment period where the hair will feel very strange when washing. Whoever buys the shampoo gets itExplanatory page on the subject. Keep in mind that this may happen!!! If you get desperate, use it as a normal soap that will pamper your skin very much.

All the soaps in this store are made from only natural ingredients, vegan and without palm oil, from cold-pressed oils only, butters, essential oils and natural additives


* The shipment will go out 1-3 days from the moment of the order. delivery options:

* Registered mail - delivery price 15-18 NIS only.

* Courier to the house - 30-50 NIS depending on residential area.

*Self collection from the booth in Nachalat Binyamin, or from the store in Tel Aviv.


* You can call to consult and make the order by phone.

I will be happy to help with any questions

Hila - natural soaps 050-5714701

Solid coffee and molasses shampoo with lemon grass scent

  • Solid shampoo coffee molasses with a lemony scent

    Ingredients: olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, almond oil, colloidal oats, raw organic shea butter, molasses, Moroccan clay, coffee, jojoba oil, i Lemon grass sites = lemongrass, caustic soda


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